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Scuba diving

Dive in Saint Leu

A warm, clear water all year round, numerous equipped infrastructures and varied dive sites full of colorful tropical fish, everything in Reunion calls for diving. Make your stay an unforgettable opportunity to introduce you to scuba diving!
As you dive beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean, you'll feel like flying in this universe in three dimensions and enter a world where wildlife is richer than you'd imagined: clown fish, trumpet fish, angel-fish, parrot-fish, surgeon fish, triggerfish, colorful corals, impressive anemones, but also turtles, manta rays and dolphins swim along the 25 km long coral reef, the many drop-offs, arches and rifts that concentrate primarily on the reef slope of the West Coast, between St Paul and St Pierre. But more experienced divers can also explore the underwater depths of Ste Rose or even venture onto the lava flows underwater ...

Our partners :
Bleu Marine
Diving, snorkeling,
Whale watching
Marina in Saint Gilles les Bains
Located on the marina of St Gilles, BLEU MARINE has been a professional diving center for over 27 years. Our qualified instructors will safely introduce you to the underwater world within the reserve. First dives (from 8 y.o.), training for international patents, exploration for all levels, night diving and whale watching and diving in season (July to September): "cetacean-watching outings certified responsible".
Diving, snorkeling,
Whale watching
Marina in Saint Gilles les Bains

Bleu Ocan
Diving club
St. Leu
BLEU OCEAN welcomes you directly to the marina of St Leu, ready to board! Take advantage of our adapted Beuchat equipment for carefree dives. On board the Tiphaine, equipped for 24 divers, everything is provided for optimal comfort and safety. First dives, various levels and rebreather training, explorations, deep, night or themed dives...
Diving club
St. Leu

Dive at your level

dive qualified instructor

• If you're a novice at diving, a qualified instructor will take you by the hand for your first dive up to 6 meters deep.

• If you're already a "graduate" (level 1) you can push down to -20 meters with an instructor. In fact the number of fish is greater between the surface and twenty yards.

• At level 2, you'll be autonomous in the 20 meter zone, but then supervised until a maximum depth of 40 meters.

• Level 3 allows you to dive up to 60 meters. You can rent equipment in most dive shops and specialty stores.

• Finally, level 4 prepares to coaching.

In any case, if you 're not a beginner, do not forget a diver's card! If you have a PADI or SSI degree (RSTC), choose a RSTC center. Do not plan to dive within 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) of an airplane flight or a hike in the mountains, so as to not modify the course of the blood desaturation.

Diving for all ...

... or quite ! No need to be an outstanding swimmer or athlete to try to dive. If you are over 8 years old, if you're not pregnant (ladies), if you're in good health overall (beware of ear problems particularly !), diving is at your fingertips. A medical certificate is strongly recommended but not required for engaging in this activity.

Even more memorable dives

fishes corals reunion island
• If you have level 1, you can live the unforgettable experience of night diving. With the team of a club, go and discover the fish resting in the coral, the lobsters or nudibranches dancing before your dazzled eyes. Burst the bright colors out of this sleeping world with a flashlight!

Photography lovers, remember that your most shimmering subjects await you under the tropical waters of Reunion! A waterproof disposable camera will do, but if you aim for the masterpiece, you'll have to get equipped with an watertight box.

• If you already have your level 3, then dive as Tintin on a discovery of the wrecks that are scattered across the seabed off the coast of St Gilles and St Leu. 55 meters below the surface of the St Gilles' waters, two wrecks have become real fish repairs, the presence of small fish attracting that of the big fish (you can even come across a skipjack tuna or a swordfish at decompression stages!). Not to miss the fabulous 60 meter dive at Pointe au Sel.

fins snorkel mask up

If you do not like bubbles
If the underwater adventure does not appeal to you but if you still desire to discover the exotic and shimmering underwater fauna, you will be able to accompany a partner on the diving centre's boat and rent fins, a mask, a snorkel and sometimes a wetsuit to find yourself swimming in a life-size aquarium without descending into the deep blue.

Not to mention the snorkeling explorations you can experience at the Boucan Canot beach or in the lagoon. Many centers also offer diving snorkelling trips by boat.
Le Parc Marin in l'Hermitage also provides a free guided tour of the lagoon's ecosystem.
Visit the Parc Marin's site: here.

It goes without saying that the eco-citizens that we are will avoid setting their fins on the bottom of the lagoon to avoid breaking the corals, so precious to the survival of this fragile ecosystem. They shall also refuse to collect fish, shellfish, corals (even dead) because they contribute to the renewal of coral sand and the preservation of the beach and the reef. These offenses are punishable by fines when you go through customs.