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Escape games, Action games

Laser game in Reunion island

To share a moment of conviviality and complicity with family or friends, indulge in action games!
Indoor laser games or paintball in the wilderness, choose your environment to relive the joys of hide and seek and feel the adrenaline rush of a friendly battle!

Another kind of equally friendly yet quieter activity, escape games are great ways to have fun immersing yourself in exotic worlds by solving puzzles as a team!

Our partner :
Enigma Run
Live Escape
St Denis
1st Live Escape Game in Reunion Island, ENIGMA RUN will make you dive for a brief investigation into the deliciously scary atmosphere of a riddle to solve! For teams of 3 to 5 players, you will have to rely on your team spirit and the skills of each one to get you (physically) out of our themed room and of the out of time adventure in a maximum of 60 minutes...
Live Escape
St Denis

Escape game

Escape game Reunion island

Since the early 2010s, a new adventure has been delighting young and old alike: the escape games!
Reunion is no exception to this phenomenon and several companies offer these escape games in teams in different regions of the island.

With friends, family (or even children) or with your work colleagues (ideal for team-building), escape from an enclosed place (and from your daily life!) within a given time (between 50 and 60 mn in general) in teams of 2 to 6 players!
The designers of these games will immerse you in a different universe each time, with a theme, an adapted decor and sometimes even costumes and accessories for a total immersion. Not to mention some games offered in virtual reality, for even more sensations!

To carry out your mission and "escape", you will have to use your logic, your sense of observation but above all your team spirit and collaboration skills to find clues, solve puzzles, open secret passages or backdoors, unlock mechanisms or open padlocks, and ultimately succeed in opening the final door, your Grail!
A game master oversees this whole adventure and debriefs you at the end of the game.