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Car rentals in Reunion island

Rent a car for your holidays

Visiting Reunion Island requires that you move around a lot if you want to make the most of the cultural and geographical diversity of the island. Driving a car is the ideal way to explore the numerous places of interest, often accessible by secondary roads.
There are many car rental companies in Reunion Island. They are located throughout the island, with greater concentration in the west and north. There are two families of renters. The national rental network, hiring new or very recent cars, and the local renters, providing rentals of new to less recent vehicles, with a generally cheaper budget. The biggest providers have counters of rentals at the airport in St Denis, convenient for your arrival and departure by plane. Please note that those who are not on location often offer a shuttle service to the airport, or can deliver your car directly at your accomodation.
Please note : you may get confused by the term “location” in French, which you’ll often find in our ads. It is indeed a “false-cognate” which actually means “rental” or “renting” in French.

We suggest you book a rental car before your arrival in Reunion Island.
Indeed, it can be difficult at certain times (November-December-January in particular) to find a vehicle of your choice available

Informations for car rentals in Reunion island

Type of vehicle : from small passenger car to a minibus or luxury car !
Age of the vehicle : often new to very recent. For those looking for a low price above all, some companies offer older cars at a lower cost.
Places of delivery and return : from delivery options at the airport, hotel or residence, place of return different from that of the delivery, everything is possible through negotiation with the renter.
Duration and number of kilometers : you can usually get tapering prices according to the duration of the lease. Some fares are charged by the kilometer, it is possibly a beneficial formula, but discovering the island requires numerous and sometimes lengthy trips. Remember that the Reunionese landscape often requires travelling on the Coastal road !
Insurance : in addition to basic insurance, it is possible to reduce the insurance deductible by paying an extra cost at the beginning of the lease. For owners of a Gold credit card, the deductible can be supported by the card's insurance, provided they pay the rental with it (please check this information with your bank)..
Age of driver : Some renters require the driver be a certain age.
Price : often associated with the type and age of the vehicle, in addition to other benefits offered.