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Cultural heritage of Reunion island

Museum Stella matutina St Leu

Reunion Island has been listed a UNESCO World Heritage site since August 2010, thanks to its National Park and its unique biodiversity. In addition to its Nature, its culture is also quite remarkable; that's why the Maloya, a traditional music of Reunion, has been listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1 October 2009.
Charged with history, the island has gone through periods of colonization, slavery, indentured labor, successive crops of coffee, sugar cane ... that have marked the local society. You will have the opportunity to discover all that history, all these stories, by visiting museums, Creole villages, places of worship, historic streets and other wonderful gardens throughout the island.

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La Maison du Géranium
LA MAISON DU GERANIUM, located on the road leading to the famous viewpoint of Maido, invites you to discover a part of Reunion's culture: distillation of rose geranium. Grown by the surrounding local producers or produced on premise in the garden which you can visit, this plant, introduced in Reunion Island in the 1870's has made this specific area the capital of rose geranium.
Geranium distillery
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La Maison Folio
A property built in the nineteenth century in the heart of Hell-Bourg, the MAISON FOLIO has become over the years a must-see visit in one of the most beautiful villages in France. With tours of the house and the delightful garden that surrounds it, let yourself at the mercy of stories for a journey back to the time of the splendor of the ancient spa town of Salazie.
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FestiYacht de Bourbon
Change your point of view! Discover in an original way the historical and cultural wealth of the island, its contrasting landscapes modeled over time but also the different cetaceans that populate the Indian Ocean with FESTIYACHT DE BOURBON. Dolphins, whales, flying fish, our observations respect animals and will leave you with unforgettable memories.
Theme & event cruises on a catamaran

Les Balades Créatives
How about discovering Reunion Island otherwise? With BALADES CREATIVES, let’s get walking and (happily) cultivated! Gain access to Reunion’s cultural heritage through live shows, played by professional artists over a walk in unusual and unknown places worthy of a cultural and historical interest all around the island ...
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