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Vehicule rentals in Reunion island

Road of Cilaos

For your holidays in Reunion Island, renting a vehicle can quickly become a must to discover places at one's own pace. With well maintained road infrastructures, Reunion Island has a network of 5 main roads going all around the island and across the plateaus from St. Benoît to St. Pierre as well as the road to Cilaos. The country road network is fairly dense in the less mountainous areas. The steep topography and the cyclonic swell are constraints.

The car rental in Reunion island is certainly the most convenient way to visit the island. You can access all the interesting sights by the road network of the island. All roads are paved over, so no need to rent a 4x4 to get around, except for the pleasure of driving on some dirt roads of Reunion island.

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Bike or scooter to get around in the daytime, while enjoying the sunny climate (watch out for tropical showers though!). A good anti-traffic-jam solution as well (with caution because of the heavy traffic). Motorcycles and also scooters are for rent on the Reunion island.

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For groups travelling in Reunion, renting a passenger van or a bus with a driver for the day is a very good solution. No hassle to find your way, no need to think about filling up your tank ...

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There are several networks of transportation on Reunion Island. The main one serves the island by the coast. The secondary networks and the new “Route des Tamarins” give access to the towns and villages on the mountain slopes.

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We suggest you book a rental car before your arrival in Reunion Island.
Indeed, it can be difficult at certain times (November-December-January in particular) to find a vehicle of your choice available

Informations for car rentals in Reunion island

Type of vehicle : from small passenger car to a minibus or luxury car !
Age of the vehicle : often new to very recent. For those looking for a low price above all, some companies offer older cars at a lower cost.
Places of delivery and return : from delivery options at the airport, hotel or residence, place of return different from that of the delivery, everything is possible through negotiation with the renter.
Duration and number of kilometers : you can usually get tapering prices according to the duration of the lease. Some fares are charged by the kilometer, it is possibly a beneficial formula, but discovering the island requires numerous and sometimes lengthy trips. Remember that the Reunionese landscape often requires travelling on the Coastal road !
Insurance : in addition to basic insurance, it is possible to reduce the insurance deductible by paying an extra cost at the beginning of the lease. For owners of a Gold credit card, the deductible can be supported by the card's insurance, provided they pay the rental with it (please check this information with your bank)..
Age of driver : Some renters require the driver be a certain age.
Price : often associated with the type and age of the vehicle, in addition to other benefits offered.

More information on car rental in Reunion Island with ITC Tropicar.

The road network in Reunion island

A significant number of vehicles travel on roads that can be very busy at peak hours (7:00/9:00-16:00/18:00), especially on the coast (RN1 and RN2), causing some traffic jams like around St Denis and St Joseph.
That's why it is better to check with locals before undertaking a long journey in a rental car !